About Myself

The Photographer

 Logan Hughes is a writer and photographer from Miami, FL, constantly traveling to other destinations. Working under the name Lord Huey. After a life altering event,the urge to capture the world around him, and to bring his imagination to life, became essential and thus his love for photography was born. Making it his purpose and joy in life, it inspired his motto “Creare Sine Metu” or “Create without Fear” which is the driving force that fuels his work. Specializing in landscape, sport, portrait, and creative photography, Lord Huey is always interested in working with other creatives.

The Writer

Along with photography, writing has always been a passion for Logan. After leaving college and a major in video game development, he decided to redirect his lifelong passion for creating intricate worlds filled with history, adventure, philosophy, and inquiry into human nature back from developing games to his childhood passion: writing. His self-published “Ramblings of a Mad Lord” is a collection of short stories and poems that takes readers on an adventurous discovery of the struggle between good and evil in our own minds.


Can't wait to hear from you!